Camping Hacks!

I'm an avid and enthusiastic camper! In fact, next month we are excited to present our 2nd annual Wine Camp!

I'm geting ready to head out for the 4th of July weekend (I know. I know. We're crazy to camp out in this 100 degree heat!) and am busy prepping my "hacks". Thought I'd share:

Hack #1: Homemade fire starters! How easy is this. Empty TP tubes and dryer lint. Works like a charm!

Hack #2: Strap a headlamp onto a gallon jug of water for a cool lantern ( Found on

Hack #3: Use a pill box for spices! (idea from Miss Tweedle)

Hack #4: Throw sage in the fire to keep mosquitos away...

And then there are the must-have camping recipes:

Sangria! ( Found on

Hot Dogs (wrap in crescent rolls and roast over the fire) (www.ljcfyi)

Cinnamon Rolls

Happy Camping!

by Alyssa Morse

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