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Our Favorite Businesses- Part 2.



Last month Denise & I had the impossible task of trying to pick our *favorite* local business. It was hard. We did it (so it wasn't quite impossible) we both chose our favorite local business. My major problem with favorite anythings is that I have a lot of "favorites", it all really depends on my mood as to which one hits the top of the list on any given day.

With that being said, I decided we needed to do another favorite local business post. Because today is different, and I have a different favorite today

Today my favorite business of all local businesses is.....Bi-Mart! I go to Bi-Mart at least once a week for everything from vitamins- to milk- to birthday gifts. I get my prescriptions filled there, my husband gets his fishing and hunting gear there, you can even buy clothes there! (I don't, but dang it, I could!)

The staff at our local Veneta Bi-Mart is so friendly and nice, they have "Lucky Number Tuesday", they always have a great selection of pretty flowers during the spring and summer, they are almost never out of what I need (unlike some of those other stores), they always have exactly what I need for any holiday when I go at the last minute, and the mural! Its so pretty! I could seriously go on and on about how great this store is. Its seriously my favorite today.

But the thing that I love the most about Bi-Mart is their little suggestion box at the front of the store. You can make a suggestion about something you think they should start carrying, and they do! Its like a little magic box that lets you help customize the store you go to. I love it! They started carrying the coffee creamer we like, and they now have TONS of GF items at very reasonable prices. Its great! If only they started carrying fresh fruit and veggies, I wouldn't ever have to go anywhere else....hmmmm, I think I'll keep trying with that magic little suggestion box...


Good one Alyssa! I agree with the friendly staff and I also love the suggestion box at BiMart.

My next favorite local business (today) is the University of Oregon. (Didn't see THAT coming, did you?). I appreciate a lot of things about our University. I love the staff in the JSchool (where I have the priveledge of teaching on occasion). If you google reviews you will consistently see "Great Instructors". The campus is one of the prettiest I have ever seen. Right now, in the spring it takes my breath away. I love seeing the rolling lawns littered with herds of co-eds tossing frisbees or studying. The energy on campus is friendly and charged with enthusiasm.

I love how connected the school is to our community and vice versa. It's a symbiotic and loving relationship. We need them, they need us.

The UO gives us Art and History museums, the Oregon Back Festival and, of course Nationally acclaimed Track & Field events and a top rated football program. Interested in attending the U of O? You can register for a "running tour". Yep - running....it's what we (well, not me) do here.


Did you know that there are eight English Oaks planted in front of the Knight Library. They were planted in honor of Robert Chase Bailey, the ‘39 senior class president who drowned in the Millrace?

Did you know that The UO’s Museum of Natural and Cultural History has landed a spot on a list of the top 50 “Most Amazing College Museums” by the website College Rank?

Did you know that we host the Cinema Pacific Film Festival? An internationally focused festival exploring aesthetic and social issues.

Did you know that we are one of only two AAU (Association of American Universities) research institutions in the Pacific Northwest, and the only one in Oregon? We collaborate, break down barriers, and find better ways. For the health and welfare of those in our local communities, in Oregon, the nation, and the world.

$196 million, every year.

That’s the amount of federal, state, institutional, foundation, and private funds the UO gives to undergraduate students each year.

So for today, The Uof O gets two thumbs up from me - GO DUCKS!


by Alyssa Morse

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