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A new bi weekly column is on the way! Alyssa and Denise will weigh in on fun subjects....Tell us YOUR view!


'Tis the season so our first "She Said, She Said" column is about pairing our favorite Christmas songs with WINE!

Alyssa says:

For me, wine & Christmas go together like spaghetti and meatballs. There can’t be one without the other. I mean, red and white do equal Christmas, right?! With that being the case, of course we have to pair a Christmas song with wine. Now, normally I don’t really like Christmas music; most of it is annoying and obnoxious and kind of makes me want to rip my ears off (possibly because of the music itself or possibly because we have to listen to it in every store we go in for at least an entire month). BUT there are a few that make me laugh, tap my toes or are just plain beautiful songs- those are the ones that I enjoy listening to (even after week 3).

So for this little experiment, I chose a classic Christmas song for my pairing. Even though those silly redneck ones were really calling out to me as something a bit more humorous, I stuck with my serious side and went with the inspirational ballad, Oh Holy Night. It’s one of the beautiful ones that I love, which means I have to do it justice and pair it with an equally beautiful wine.

Listening to this song, I picture a beautiful, clear winter’s night with the moonlight sparkling off the snow and the stars twinkling in the sky. This picture begs to be paired with an equally beautiful and sparkly scene that I can find in a glass of Meriwether’s non-vintage Brute Cuvee. It’s beautiful both in sight and in taste. The bubbles are like a gentle stream that rolls right off your tongue, and are coupled with the delicately sweet and fruity notes of the varietal, making this a very elegant and soft, sparkling wine. Whether it is being sung by Josh Groban or Jackie Evanko, Meriwether’s Non-Vintage Brute Cuvee is the perfect wine to accompany a beautiful rendition of Oh Holy Night during the Christmas Holiday.


Denise says:

As a child I LOVED Christmas music but, as an adult I admit to becoming something of a scrooge. I grew up with the traditional stuff like Andy Williams, Perry Como, and of course, the Carpenters. Now, IF I listen to Christmas music I generally go with non-traditional tunes, preferrably ones that make me laugh. With that in mind, my choice was easy! If you haven't listened to Straight No Chaser yet they are a must! I have seen them twice live and cannot say enough about this amazing acapella group. They are talented with a humorous twist that makes them one of the most entertaining groups ever! I chose their Christmas Can Can for my song and will be pairing that with a non traditional (in America) blend: William Rose Semillion-Sauvignon Blanc. Winemaker Mark Nichols hails from Australia where this blend is quite popular. Unfortunately for Americans, Australian winemakers don't export much SSB to the U.S.; instead, they send us straight Sauvignon Blanc. Why? It seems the (mis)perception still exists among consumers in the United States that blends are somehow inferior to varietal wines. Such a shame!


From both of us to you - Happy Holidays!!

by Alyssa Morse

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