About Us

At Rossetti Marketing we are passionate about providing marketing and advertising strategies, graphic design, media buying, web design and expert event planning services to your business.. We have the talent, the resources and the expert alliances to deliver the solutions you need to succeed.


Meet Our Team

Denise Rossetti.

Denise is our "Chief Visionary Officer" and founder. With boundless energy and a propensity towards all things FUN, Denise is our Creative Director and fearless leader (just try to keep up)


What does she believe?

"I believe in the authenticity of wonder and amusement in my children, the grace and kindness in the friendships I treasure, honesty and courage, incurable optimism, hot coffee and cool mornings, Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia FroYo, Rosie's incredible gift of wisdom and light, giving back to my community, the law of attraction when I do the work, that anyone should be able to love and marry whomever they choose, deep cleansing breaths, the power of dreams, that a nice bordeaux can cure whatever ails you, and the the amazing potential of the human spirit."

Denise Rossetti
Alyssa Morse

Alyssa Morse.

Alyssa is the glue that holds everything together....Specializing in event management and business development, Alyssa keeps track of all those balls in the air and also keeps Denise on the ground (well, mostly..)


What does she believe?

"I believe in the overall goodness of mankind, the ability to change if you want it bad enough, the ability of every person to be successful and happy, however they define it, that rainstorms can cleanse the earth and the soul, that history has a unique beauty that cannot be ignored, in good wine, good friends, good food, and a happy life. I believe in family, that hard work can achieve dreams and that a good sense of humor can make life way more fun. "

Chase Vendley.


Chase is the newest addition to our team, and brings with him a youthful enthusiasm which has invigorated the office. His mad skills in video editing, photography, and graphic design will amaze and delight you! His specialty in sports hype videos brings a new channel to Rossetti Marketing.

What does he believe?

"I believe in the unique creativity every person has, the ideas that flow from our brains, and the art we are capable of creating. Life is boring without creativity, it brings color to a black and white world. I believe that every person has their own type of creativity and their own way of bringing color to our world. We need to embrace our creativity and let our art flow."

I Love Marketing