7 reasons Wineries should have a Facebook business page

by Denise on December 4, 2012

Online social networks have emerged as the way in which people connect online socially. The leader currently being Facebook with over 1.2 billion members.If Facebook were a country, it would be the world’s third largest, surpassed in numbers only by the populations of China and India.


As of September 2012:

  • Total amount of minutes people spend on Facebook every month: 700 billion
  • Average amount of time a person uses Facebook per month: 15 hours 33 minutes
  • Total amount of people who access Facebook with phone: 250 million
  • Total amount of websites that have integrated with Facebook: 2.5 million

So, should you utilize this platform to drive business to your tasting room, website or wine club? You bet!

Reason #1: The fastest growing demographic to join Facebook is over 50 according to research. “Young adults continue to be the heaviest users of social media, but their growth pales in comparison with recent gains made by older users,” said the report’s author, Mary Madden, a Pew senior research specialist. These are your customers – be where they are! How to appeal to this audience? click here

Reason #2: People shares their lives on Facebook. They talk about brands. Are they talking about you? Being on Facebook = amplification of your brand/message.

Reason #3: Facebook is a very immediate communication tool – it is a place people go to talk. This is excellent if you want to interact with customers, thanking them for positive remarks and dealing with complaints. It can become a core part of your customer service.

Reason #4: Humanize your business. Sharing personal tidbits about you and your staff helps your followers get to know you better. People buy from people they know (or think they know).

Reason #5: Boost your online visibility. Having a presence on a social network boosts your Google ranking. You can link your website, blog and other social accounts which helps with SEO.

Reason #6: Measure your ROI. Facebook offers insights for your page identifying which posts were most popular, who likes your page (age, sex, geographic region) enabling you to mold your posts to fit your audience.

Reason #7: Facebook ads are very inexpensive and effective. (more on this in my next post – but trust me, this is a huge benefit if your ad budget is low!)



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